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BORN TO DIE Lyrics by Kevin West *I was born to die so don’t cry for me When my time comes it was meant to be I’ve cheated death more than once I’m livin on borrowed time The reaper and the devil want this soul of mine I drank gasoline when I was two they all thought for sure that I was through But I woke up the next morning smiling wide that gas didn’t do shit but get me high Not long after that, things only got worse I don’t know why I guess I’m just cursed An accident took away all I had left me alone in world that’s bad In the neighborhood little freckled faced kid getting his ass kicked cause his hair is red And it’s bad at home on top of it the old mans got a bottle then me to hit So I learned how to fight at an early age hit hard hit first hit with rage Then the next step to being totally corrupt is to start doin drugs and getting fucked up So that’s what I did by the age of 12 I’d already lived through a living hell I wake up every morning I’m surprised to be alive how did I survive when it seems I was * Before I knew it I was truant to cool for school the only role models I had were fools The lessons I learned I learned out in the street like where to get the good shit and not get beat When you’ve got no where to go you might as well get high at least you’ll go some where in your mind P funk to dust hittin the new bomber z to smoking up yayo like it was free I did what I had to too ease the pain the people I knew lives lost in vain From the drugs and violence to dui’s I even know a cat did suicide I woke up one morning in a hospital bed the doctor said son your lucky you’re not dead A motorcycle wreck you wrapped your bike around a tree the man said you must have been ninety You know, It’s not to late for you to save yourself make an escape from this living hell I looked up nodded my head and smiled knowing all the while * A young man livin in a grown mans world it’s hard growin up when your future’s unsure If the good die young I must be bad cause I’m still here despite the life I’ve had I know it sounds bad but maybe I’m not cursed maybe I’ve been blessed I guess it could’ve been worse Maybe momma never left me when she died maybe she went to protect me from the other side Either way I’m ok I’ve done all I can learning the hard way to be a man At least I’ve been smart enough to not get caught smart enough to stay high and not give up I know I’ve made my share of mistakes but I’ve always done what ever it takes And I’ve realized one thing if nothing at all it’s that we were all *