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CRAZY Lyrics by Kevin West *Crazy I’m loosin’ it maybe a little bit Can you save me from myself I need some help Crazy I’m loosin’ it maybe a little bit Can you save me from myself I’m in a living hell Crazy I lost my SHIT I’m looking everywhere I can’t find it These are crazy times in a crazy world Listen to what your hearin’ on the radio You got pretty little kids singing pretty little songs Lip sinking on TV but the song was wrong Little Ashley ran off the stage Tried to blame it on the band cause her act is lame But like Milli Vanilli that BITCH looked silly With the mic in her hand like a big DICK willy She didn’t know weather to spit or swallow But look at the acts she’s trying to follow Them boys and the girls from the Mickey Mouse club Have all done it so what is she guilty of I guess havin’ no talent’s not really a crime No wonder I’ve gone * Crazy I lost mind When it turns up I’m afraid of what I’ll find Is the world really as insane as it seems Or am I in the middle of some kind of bad dream Bush is startin’ wars in the name of the lord How can you be pro life and be pro war I guess he really only cares for those on the right You know the people I mean rich Christian and white While the rest of us may as well shut up Sit back and smile while we get FUCKED The man goes on and on telling a lie While the poor go on and on fightin’ and dyin’ Is the cost of oil the price for life Cause the President said it doesn’t make it right Somebody stole the American way No wonder I stay *