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DEAR MOMMA Lyrics by Kevin West 1324 FENWICK PLNTN RD. JOHNS ISLAND SC, 29455 (843-270-6303) Dear momma I’m sorry things happened like this I know you wanted more for your oldest kid I should’ve been a good example for my little brother O How he turned out right I’ll never no It was hard for me growing up like I did Being the man of the house when I was a little kid I saw you working so hard but still you were struggling While them cats I saw out sellin drugs was lovin it They’re rollin in cash wearin nice clothes Getting that ass from all them pretty ho’s Which life did you expect me to choose? So I jumped right in the game with both shoes But all I did was hustle never carried a gun 3 strikes later I’m more than out I’m done I’ll probably be here forever or until I’m very old Though they’ve locked me up they cant lock up my soul So don’t cry for me just try for me To go out and live a good life for me Tell my little brother I said stay low I just wanted to send my love *Dear momma I hope this reaches you and your doin fine I wish I could be with you but I’m sittin here doin time I’m far away and if I’m coming home I don’t know when I just wanted to say I miss you Dear momma it’s me your youngest son Still fighting this war even though they said we won I only signed up so I could get an education Now I’m half way round the world with no explanation Of how long I’ll be here or what I’m here for You wouldn’t believe what I’ve seen in this war What happened to them rich guys who started this thing? They’re probably sittin at home sipping champagne While I’m here in the middle of a fire fight Up praying every night to a higher might Lord, take me home so I can go study law Get my brother out of jail bring a smile to my ma Now I keep my head low try to stay alive Taking every day one step at a time I hope my next step isn’t my last When shit happens here it happens fast So when you pray for me just say for me God please save a better day for me I hope he can forgive me for the things that I’ve done I didn’t want to hurt anyone * Dear son, I’m sorry to send bad news And I’m afraid it’s the worst kind I can send to you There was a battle in Fallujah and your brother was lost I hope the cause was worth the cost My babies were soldiers fighting different wars Fighting side by side with Americas poor The war on drugs and the war on terrorism Has got one son dead and the other one in prison While the FBI with the patriot act Took the neighbors away they never came back I can’t help but wonder if I’ll be next They may as well take me I’ve got nothing left Cause my love for you was not enough for you To bring you home and make it up to you I got a letter from your brother just the other day The last thing he said was *