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IM ONLY ME Lyrics by Kevin West *I’m only me and that’s all I can be I do what I want. I been doin my own thing since I was little I keep on keeping on Smoked up doped up high on the widow I hit it again In a drop top next stop tryin to take it to the top im on my way I’m only me, that’s all I’ve ever been People think I’m crazy but I’m just stoned again That’s why I’m laughing at the world even though it aint funny, While I’m doin my thing tryin to make a little money I was born in the west raised in the east But here in the south is where is where I found peace Not peace within, not peace of mind But this little piece of weed that got me high I used to write songs about girls & love Now it seems I’m only writing about bitches & drugs Cause I’m facing hard times so I’m committing hard crimes I try to quit and commit my self to writing more rhymes But the rhymes don’t pay the bills even though I’ve got more skills Than most of the cats that are getting fat with the big time record deals So hold up roll up fill another bowl up Light it up puff down then you pass it over We can hit it if your with doesn’t matter who lit it We can smoke all night long * **Be yourself be yourself life is short don’t waste time trying to be somebody else Be yourself be yourself you cant be anybody else so you know you might as well Be yourself be your self don’t let anybody tell you what you can & can not be Be your self be your self yours are the only eyes your ever gonna see the world through I’m still the same playing the same game Like a fool still searching for fortune & fame But the alternative aint got much more to give Working like a chump making somebody else rich I’d rather die, than be some kind of slave Stuck flipping burgers for Mc minimum wage What else can I do but go out rob and steal Though living like that will probably get me killed So I sling a little on the side to help get by Playing every other night in another dive Writing song after song trying to hit but still missing I’ll keep on at it as long as some one is listening I turn up burn up try to get my earn up Following this rode even though its curved up I don’t care if it gets me nowhere I’d do it again *