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IT AINT ALL BAD Lyrics by Kevin West I remember when I was a little kid Tragedy introduced me to a life of sin So I started acting up when I was only five I lit up in preschool and got all the other kids high And now I’m still smokin’ on that still smokin’ blount Still hoping for a better life that may never come Runnin’ straight ahead and fast tryin’ to escape my past Headed straight for disaster don’t know how long I can last Everyday I’m that much closer doin’ my best to make the most of What the hell am I supposed to do I’m looking out for you know who As time goes by I write more and more songs About how bad life can be but don’t get me wrong I still got my people and I even got a girl That comes by every now and then to rock my world Don’t worry about me I’ll be just fine Sometimes I get it right *It aint all bad Havin’ nothin’ but a good time to help you forget about The life you’ve had That’s how you make it right Out on the Ave. Sometimes you get high cause you’ve gotta get by So it aint all bad livin this kinda life It aint all bad livin’ this kinda life the kinda life where things don’t always go right My roof is leaking my A C is broke that’s why I’m hot as FUCK and my SHIT’S all soaked But I’m the kinda guy who sees the bright side still free water and a smaller electric bill Life is life so why complain you’ll drive yourself insane * I walked in the door I was standing in the dark Seems the man came by and shut the power of So I lit up a candle and a little something else To light my way and enlighten myself I grabbed a pen and paper started writing this song That’s what I do when things go wrong Its either that or grab a gun and start shooting everyone Even though it sounds like fun I don’t hurt no one Life is hard but why ask why I just feel lucky to be alive After all the things that I have seen like living in a bad dream But every now and then I wake up and smile Light up puff down get high and get wild I just keep smoking never shed a tear Why be bitter after all these years Don’t worry about me ill be just fine Sometimes I get it right *