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IT AINT EASY BEING ME Lyrics by Kevin West Hello and welcome here to what I call my life and times It’s the story of a young man and his, life time of crime A menace to society that’s what I am so they tell me that I’m dangerous and that’s strange because the only harm I’ve done I’ve don to me Like usin’ abusin’ I’m guilty of all a the above it’s only because it aint easy being me *Me I’m spinning round and round I don’t know which ways up or down If my feet don’t fail me know I’ll keep turning on some how Turning on turning about turning up all strung out I know it all sounds kind of scarey but anything’s better than ordinary Now the sun is shining high above me I’m feeling no pain Thanks to the flower with a girl by the same name A poor mans vacation anebriation all I can afford A break from the aggravation of which I cant take any more And more than before I feel I need to get away what more can I say It aint easy being me * Now the moon is shining high above me I’m feeling the same On the road to another show I’m headed once again Today was just a day like yesterday was just a day Tomorrow I’ll be on my way to better things at least I pray I’ll be maybe in the next life we’ll see all I knows is in this life It aint easy being me *