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LIFE OF CRIME *I spent my whole life up to no good takin what I could I know nothing good is ever gonna come my way Now I try picking up the pieces of a poor mans life and I don’t know how much more I can take A long time ago left out in the cold a boy all alone about ten years old With nothing more than common sense left to get by Momma passed away and daddy’s just gone I guess this means that I’m on my own I think that’s about the 1rst time I got high Now I’m getting high on everything except life , life brings me down so I gotta get up right? Even though I know I’ll only go so far before I’ll want to quit trying Cause when you got nothing and can’t get anything & nothing is all you’ve ever been You’ve got no choice but to turn to a life of crime * I used to be an addict now I hustle to them fools tried to be a nice guy but nice guys loose Spent a good bit of my life on the wrong side Buying instead of selling always listening instead of telling either way through the eyes of the law I’m still a felon So I might as well make a little change while I’m facing time Facing time in a system for a crime with no victim old habits are hard to break should’ve kicked’m Helping myself and my people to get by Cause if I don’t it together shit’ll never get better so I do what I gotta do it doesn’t matter , whether Or not it’s legal with out it id be better off dead * Now I’m hustlin to get by hittin the trees getting all juiced up like that shit was fresh squeezed What some may call a life of crime What you call a crime I call makin a livin cause the best things in life you gotta take they’re not givin I feel each day I’m running out of time *