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Kevin West


SLOWRIDE I’m rollin I role up I role the windows down I turn the music up Ridin dirty across town trying to spread it around everybody getting high that’s how I get down I’m a rider rollin slow cause I’m holdin enough to get everybody I know stoned and Laughin at the world through a smoked up haze I try to leave a smile on everybody’s face From place to place from door to door the trick is always leave’m wantin some more More of the funk you know they gotta have it addicted to the bomb this hundred dollar habit But they get theirs and I get mine I get paid and they get high You know I couldn’t ask for more what do you think I’m rollin for *Rollin takin a slow ride in the neighborhood everybody’s lightin up when I roll by I’m only makin the world go by a little bit easier for me and my kind Rollers following my ride in the rear view creepin up tryin to catch me while I get mine So what you know I don’t mind I’m rollin takin a slow ride Slow ride I’m so high rollin all over town then back to JI Looks like I’m getting low so I’m about to go to the reup spot replenish my flow Then it’s back to the grind out hustle’n kind I’m in no hurry I take my time Time to enjoy the finer things in life like them beautiful girls that do them dirty things I like I’m playin the game like an MVP cats want to know how so they listen to me All you need to know is here in my words the truth about life incase you haven’t heard So listen real close to what you hear when I’m sayin what I’m sayin it’s totally clear You now I’ve got no where to go that’s why I’m ridin slow *