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SORRY *Sorry I’m not what you want me to be remember I told you before it aint easy being me Livin my life this way is the only way I know though I hate it when you leave me I’ve gotta let you go From the start I told you if I hit it one time you’d be in love for the rest of your life But I never thought you’d give it a try to be honest with you I still don’t know why All American girl all American life the American dream turned out all right With the kind of guy your mother warned you about the kind of guy that likes to get around I’m not even sure if I believe in love not even sure what I’m thinking of Sometimes it’s music but sometimes it’s you with this song I figured I’d combine the two Maybe I can try and explain why I am the way I am not sure if I got my point across Somewhere in this verse my point was lost * Let me try again to say what’s on my mind you & I been doing this for a long time While you get better I only make it worse cause in my life my music always comes first All I want to do is get out of this place play my music somewhere new each day While you’d rather have me by your side livin in some kind of fairy tale life I’m not even sure if you believe in me if you believe I can be what I want to be Either way it don’t matter cause I’ve gotta try it aint like I’m gonna get another chance at life Maybe I may be insane thinking I can be more than I am only time will tell if I’m right or wrong I never thought someone like you would come along * I’m sorry baby I didn’t lead you on I didn’t just play you a tune I wrote you a beautiful song But like most beautiful songs this one will probably end sad like my life & the times that I’ve had You are my shining star & I think don’t you go away Then I think again about how I am can’t help but wonder what would ever make you stay With me in this life of crime HA silly rhymes even when life is good I’m fallin on hard times Cause I’ll never be satisfied till’ I’m top of my game I mean I aint trying to go out a fuckin no name So I trade love for loneliness the artist’s paradise you know I do it for the love of the music and I don’t think twice And I hope some day I don’t look back in regret I guess in the long run I deserve what I get *