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One Too Many

Kevin West
Kevin West


A song about drinking too much


One too many When I woke up this afternoon I rubbed my eyes I tried to wipe away the cob webs of another late night I don’t know what time it was when I got to bed I don’t know who this girl is that I’m lying here with The last thing I remember I was singing my last song I looked up from the microphone when this pretty girl came along We had a couple drinks, a few laughs, sometime alone She was here when I woke up but now she’s gone *One too many then one more Like last night and the night before From where I’ve been, here to the end Over and over again and again One set down two more to go, back in the bar playing another show I’m trying not to drink tonight so tomorrow I can feel alright But the Grand Marnier just made it way up to the stage I guess I’ll try not drinking some other day * When I wake up tomorrow will I still remember now How that pretty girl from the night before came in again and wow She’s absolutely amazing. I guess a few more drinks won’t phase me Up late night how it goes down I never fall asleep I just pass out *