From the recording A DAY IN THE LIFE (of me)


Lyrics by Kevin West

I wake up when the suns warm with a pain in my head I’m thinking about the night before those things I might have said
With some help from mother nature , my head will be just fine Now all I have to think a bout is how to pass the time
Now I smile at the world, as I go through my day not what I need but all I have to make me feel this way
The answer to a question relief from my pain glassy eyes a thin disguise they’re sometimes worn in vain

*A day in the life of me my head up in the clouds
The night before was wild but I’m feeing it now
I don’t remember where I was or even what I did last night
But it must have been good cause I’m feeling like I should
Go out and do it again tonight

Now it’s 7 o’clock so I start to walk up the block to get me a drink
When this girl rides up screamin hey what the fuck where the hell have you been
I’m like bitch I don’t know you I haven’t ever seen you before in my whole life
She said that aint what you said last night when you was hittin it you promised id be your wife
I told her girl your mistakin what kind of drugs you takin you must have me confused
She put her middle finger up and drove off all abrupt saying “FUCK YOU”
And as she drove away I must say something was familiar
You know I think there was this girl last night I guess that could’ve been her

Now I’m at the spot and I’m on the stage I got the mike in one hand in the other grandmanier
About to tell the story of my life a hard luck tale set to rythum and rhymes
I’m 4 songs in and I’m 10 drinks deep I see this little cutie and she’s looking at me
A little while later her and I are out the door what do you think I’m in this for
It’s all about the ladies

I lay down when the night is through and I think about my day
All the things that I had done those games I had to play
Now I rest and close my eyes into the night time I descend
To wake up when the suns warm and do it all over again