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Kevin West at Planet Follwood

Planet Follywood, 32 Center St, Folly Beach, SC

Hey my friends I'm back at Planet Follywood this Sunday and every Sunday night at 9pm. Might have a few friends stop by to sit in. It's gonna be a good time. Hope to see y'all there


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Kevin WestMy Life & Times(independent) On his latest, local songwriter, guitarist, and white-dude rapper Kevin West attempts to overlap funky acoustic rock with funky hip-hop and soul. The groove-filled, Carolina-centric collection is comprised of a dozen songs and a handful of comedy skits based on his own true-life experiences. Musically, it's all over the map, with acoustic and electric modern rock tunes, dirty-word rhymes and stories, and a few bouncy rap-rock hybrids. Around a traditional rock band style of production, there's plenty of drum machine rhythm tracks, samples, and electronic loops. West's kid brother, Mike West [a.k.a "O.C."], stands out as one of the rappers alongside Alex Carpenter [a.k.a. "ACE"]. My Life & Times makes a few weird turns from one style to another, but it bounces throughout. —TBL” - Ballard Leseman

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