From the recording I CANT WAIT


I CAN’T WAIT Lyrics by Kevin West I cant wait till I’m older I’m gonna do what I wanna do when I wanna I can’t wait till summertime them beautiful girls on the beach so fine I can’t wait till school ‘s out this year is goin’ slow All I gotta do is see my way though then I go where I wanna go I can’t wait for anything so FUCK it I’m young and got the whole wide world in my pocket If I got one thing it’s plenty of time to figure out what I’m gonna do with my life I can’t wait to get out of here don’t know where I’m gonna go But where ever it is will be better than this cause I’ll be on my own *We spend our whole lives wishing the day to end Because tomorrow must be better than today has been But then one day your older you think where has the time gone Did I wish it all away I can’t wait till tomorrow comes I’m gonna get up go out and get somethin done I can’t wait till I get home tonight I’m gonna role somethin and feel alright I can’t wait to get movin traffic’s goin slow Just to get a few miles it takes a while getting where I gotta go I can’t wait to get my check go and cash it spend a few dollars more on my bad habits I can’t wait to give this pretty girl a call I met the other night at city bar I can’t wait for the weekend my chance to get away From all the foolish bullshit that I put up with as I live day to day * I can’t wait till my life slows down I’m gonna hold up take a deep breath look around If I could only turn back time I’d go back and do everything in my life right I can’t wait for the morning my chance for another day Cause you can’t go back so I guess that’s that time’s still slippin away *