1. SO LONG

From the recording SO LONG


 It’s been so long since I’ve seen you with that look in your eyes Like you can see right though to what lies behind my disguise And it’s been so long since you’ve smiled at me with that little grin Mischievous but innocent little angels evil twin (Chorus) They say that time heals everything but how long does it take Just how many more one night stands will I have to make Am I better off with out you or did things just go wrong Either way there’s nothing more to say but So Long It’s been so long since the last time late night getting high by candle light You and I feeling alright In each others sweet delights So long since I’ve seen you up close your face against mine So long since we fit together like one of a kind So long since I’ve dreamed about so long now I’ve been with out you Lost another friend how bout you still this song is all about you. Time goes by everything changes somehow now we’ve become strangers If I could go some where in time I’d go back to the candle light Repeat chorus So long till the next time guess I’m off to write the next rhyme Next line of my life and times and my crimes I’ll still think about you sometimes So long to the best of times but who knows what’s to come Because this thing is over dosen’t mean this story done Repeat chorus