From the recording A Chance To Say Goodbye


                                                               A Chance To Say Goodbye
                                                                      By Kevin West
*I'd do any thing to see you again
Hear your voice somewhere other than in my head
Life is short I thought we'd have more time
Now I just wish I had a chance to say goodbye
Another chance to talk to you
A chance to laugh the way we used to
A chance to learn you taught me so much
You gave me life though it's been a little rough
If it wasn't for you I wouldn't be me
I don't even know where, who or what I'd be
So may your peace be deep like the love you leave behind
Knowing I still think about you all the time
A chance to play some of the old songs
from back in the day when we played all night long
A chance to sit around and reminisce
A chance to live again like I was a kid
You were my first friend in a kind of cruel world
But we laughed at it all cause we thought we were cool
And so now that your gone I'll keep singin" along
Knowing that you'd still want me to carry on
If in the end there's something more
Then I'll have another chance to say hello